Human Legacy Project

hlp_350x525The goal of the Human Legacy Project is to give everyone who wants it the chance to live forever. Immortality is not achieved physically, the project teaches, but through our influence on future generations.

But as the political and economic environment changes throughout the world, the HLP takes many different forms, from a well-funded and charitable non-profit to a splintered terrorist organization driven underground by increasingly totalitarian governments. It isn’t until the HLP’s final phase is reached that the original vision of the founder is revealed, proving to be far bigger and more profound than anyone had imagined.

This short story by Christian Cantrell is a critical and sobering analysis of many different aspects of human nature, from close personal relationships to mankind’s ultimate contribution to the universe. It is best described as a compact but epic tragedy.


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5 thoughts on “Human Legacy Project

  1. Mr. Cantrell, you are a brilliant writer.
    I read Containment, and then I just couldn’t stop. I read all your short stories as well.
    Please quit your job and start writing full time. I promise I will buy all your books :)


  2. @Asif
    Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I can’t quite pay the bills just by writing yet, but when I can, I promise to write several more books. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can with the time that I have.
    Thanks for your support!


  3. I just finished the Human Legacy Project. Reminds me of Brave New World and Children of Men. I liked it a lot. I would love to see an extended story or screenplay set in this universe. I guess Venom will be next on my list.


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