Xbox 360 hunting

No, I haven’t gotten one yet. Yes, I want one. In fact, I want one badly enough that some friends of mine (Danny Dura and Mike Chambers) and I put together a script that keeps constant tabs on 13 different sites who we believe are mostly likely to get more in stock. The script pulls the source of specific product pages, checks to see if one or more strings are either present or not present, and if it looks like there’s a hit, sends email and SMS messages. Initially we got several false positives, but at this point, the script is refined enough that when we get a ping, we know it means something. In fact, last weekend, Circuit City was selling a couple of different bundles for about an hour, but it was between five and six AM Pacific time, so we were all sound asleep. I dare one of these stores to get a shipment while I’m awake and sitting in front of my computer.

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 hunting

  1. Heya,
    How about sending SMS alerts to your phone, too, and keeping it on your pillow with the ringer all the way up at night?
    If you send me script, I’ll run it here too. If I get a hit, and get one, I’ll buy 2 and you can pay me via pay pal – for $50 less than what I paid as a nice thank you. I’m serious…



  2. Check your local costco and sams club asap. Gamer blogs are reporting large shipments now. Also best buy is getting in shipments friday and they should go on sale on thursday.


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