If you like flickr, you’ll love fastr

Via this post on O’Reilly Radar, I came across fastr. If you like flickr, and you like word games and/or puzzles, you’re going to love fastr. In their own words:

Fastr is a game that uses flickr images. It loads ten images that all share a common tag, one by one, and you guess what the tag is. When you guess right, the tag will turn blue, and you’ll get points. The faster you guess, the more points you get. The points are reset every six minutes. You’ll need to choose a player name before you can play. You can play using tags for multiple languages and for specific flickr groups.

Enough said. Try it. I’ll probably see you there.

1 thought on “If you like flickr, you’ll love fastr

  1. dude, now you got me addicted! i’ve played so much now though that i have all the words memorized.


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