Don’t let the food stop moving

We’re all busy, so I’ll make this quick. In fact, I’ll jump right into the facts:

  • Because of the global economic downturn, both individuals and governments have dramatically reduced the amount they are willing to give. The World Food Program has only received $3.7 billion of the $6.7 billion they need to operate in 2009.
  • The WFP will run out of money to send aid workers to Chad by August 15th, and will have to stop flying food and aid workers to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea by the end of the month if it can’t raise $10 million (Reuters).
  • According to Mashable, tens of millions of people are using Twitter every month. My guess is that just about everyone who uses Twitter can give some amount of money — even if just a few dollars — to help keep the WFP active in Western Africa. (Those who can’t give can at least re-tweet in hopes of reaching those who can.)

The WFP was already forced to discontinue air service to Ivory Coast and Niger in February because of lack of funds. Let’s not let that happen again. If you have a few dollars you can spare:

  1. Go to the WFP’s website to see how you can help.
  2. Post this link on Twitter and get your followers involved. There’s no reason why this problem can’t be solved by the end of the week without any of us spending any more time or money than we’ll ever miss.

Thanks for your help!

3 thoughts on “Don’t let the food stop moving

  1. While visiting your helpful instruction page on external monitors and the MacBook Pro, I ended up here.
    Thanks for the prompting… I visited the site, and now I am a recurring donor. Great cause, and I will share it with my classes in September.


  2. How can the government give money to banks and GM and not to charities trying to feed people? People are starving in Africa, but at least CEOs in America are still getting getting their bonuses! Sad.


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