My Science Fiction May Become Fact: The LHC and Time Travel

lhcMy friend PolyGeek forwarded a story to me this morning that completely caught me off guard. The article is called Atom Smasher Could Be Used As Time Machine, and it describes a proposal put forth earlier this month by two physicists that the Large Hadron Collider could be used to send particles — and hence message — forward and backward in time.

Other than being incredibly cool, why was I so intrigued? This is precisely the premise of a story I published in August of last year called The Epoch Index.

An excerpt from the article:

The scientists outline a way to use the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a 17-mile long (27-km) particle accelerator buried underground near Geneva, to send a hypothetical particle called the Higgs singlet to the past.

And an excerpt from The Epoch Index:

But the LHC ended up finding something which most people consider to be far more interesting. As the data analysis algorithms parsed through the petabytes of recorded data, they began to uncover very regular patterns in the spins of newly discovered particles. While the direction of the particles’ spins initially appeared random, the analysis began detecting a repetition which looked increasingly like sequences of bytes, and which were eventually decoded into various forms of digital data: text, images, audio, and even simple video. When it was determined beyond a doubt that the encoded information referenced people, events, and dates that did not yet exist, the site was immediately secured and the project promptly put under the control of a small team from the UN. The name of the mysterious particles whose spins had turned out to be tiny windows into the future was changed from “saxions” to “tachyons” — a term derived from the greek word takhus meaning “swift.” The LHC had proven for the first time and beyond any doubt that it was possible for matter to travel faster than the speed of light. At least at the particle level, time travel was possible.

I’ll let them take the Nobel Prize for physics as long as I get the one for literature.

4 thoughts on “My Science Fiction May Become Fact: The LHC and Time Travel

  1. You nailed it. And you should certainly get *some* award for hitting so close to the mark. Maybe you can use the LHC to find out which award you’ll end up winning in the future. :-)


  2. That is a little scary there Christian. Let’s hope none of your other books become ‘real’. Who’d want to live in the world of Containment, HLP or Brainbox?
    In all seriousness however, very impressive. I agree with Kae above, you will someday get credit for the idea.


  3. In the quantum world of parallel universes and time travel between them seems to be plausible. Is it possible that the Great Pyramids of Egypt have not been built yet? They will be built in the future and time/space will be folded, they will then be set where they are today. There is no way that those things could have been built 5,000 years ago with the technology available at the time. Folding space may not be as difficult as we think, once we understand it. Jesus Christ folded space time a bit around Lazarus, turned time back a bit and he came to life. Technically he never died, it became a non-event. Think about this for a bit, the world of ‘Harry Potter’ may not be that far away. Dr Who’s tardis could become a reality within hyperspace.


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