An Audio Version of “Containment”

I’m very excited to announce that Containment will be an audio book published by Tantor Audio and available exactly one month from today (6/27/2011). It will be distributed through various vendors, including my favorite, Narrating will be William Dufris who has done everything from Isaac Asimov to Mark Twain (and was also the original voice of Bob the Builder in the US and Canada).

I’m a huge fan of audio books, and I always thought Containment would make a great production. I’m really looking forward to hearing it for the first time, and I hope some of you will check it out.

3 thoughts on “An Audio Version of “Containment”

  1. I bought Containment for my ebook reader recently and then went on to buy several of your other works that are available through Amazon. I really like them! I love your style!
    I am not a big fan of audio books myself, but my husband loves them, so this is certainly one I will be getting for him!
    If you ever want any of your works translated to Danish, I would certainly like to do it!


  2. Hey Christian,
    I’m sampling CONTAINMENT right now, and I wanted to ask you a question(because it might be a weird mishap).
    In the product description for CONTAINMENT, it says the following:
    About the Author
    William Dufris have extensive experience on stage and screen.
    Putting aside the conjugation error, did you intend on writing under a pen name? Did someone mess with this?
    Not trying to be a jerk–I’m a fellow writer, and I’d be annoyed if this was up on my book site.


  3. Hi, Shawn. William Dufris is the narrator of the audio version. This looks like a mistake on Amazon’s part. I’m working to get it fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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