Google Firefox Extensions

Sometime’s Google’s motto of "do no evil" translates into "do really cool stuff". I’m a big fan of several of Google’s non-search realted projects (not all, but several), though I think their Firefox extensions might be my favorite. Here’s what’s on the menu:

Good stuff, Google.

Using Firefox Live Bookmarks with

I’m a big fan of In fact, I’ve come to rely on because of how easy it is to organize and access my links. But I also like the convenience of having bookmarks in my browser. I realized yesterday that I can have both, without installing any extensions.

The key is Firefox’s Live Bookmarks. Live Bookmarks track a site’s RSS or Atom feed to show you updates as though they were actually bookmarks. In other words, you can bookmark a feed rather than a site, and Firefox will aggregate the contents right into your browser, treating each item in the feed as a bookmark. And it just so happens that generates all kinds of RSS, just like any good Web 2.0 application should, so by live-bookmarking my tag RSS feeds, I now have all my most important links in my browser, and they are automatically updated as I add new links.

For even more Firefox and integration, check out the Firefox extension.