Reading Digital Books

Most of my fiction is available in various electronic formats (since I mostly write science fiction, digital distribution seemed appropriate). That means you have several different reading options. Below are all the ways you can get your hands on my work. (If you’re here to learn more about publishing digital books, see my post, Everything You Need to Know About How to Digitally Self Publish.)

Kindle (or Kindle-supported device)

If you have a Kindle, or a device that supports Amazon’s Kindle application, you can get my work through Amazon. Kindle applications are now available for just about any device.

Barnes & Noble NOOK

If you have a NOOK, or a device that supports the Barnes & Noble NOOK application, you can get my work through Barnes & Noble. NOOK applications are now available for just about any device.

iBooks (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can get most of my work through the iBooks Store. Just search for “Christian Cantrell” or the particular book or story you’re interested in.


EPUB is short for “electronic publication” and is also a great way to read digital books. All my work is available in EPUB format for free, so all you need is an EPUB reader. Readers are available for desktop computers (all platforms), and for mobile devices. Here are some options:

(Note: If you download an EPUB file and your browser adds a “.zip” extension to the file name, just change it back to “.epub”.)


I also publish my work in simple HTML format which can be read on any device with a decent browser (basically any computer, smart phone, and increasingly many other devices, as well).

Digital publication is still very new and something of an experiment, but so far, it’s working out quite well. It allows me to keep prices way down, release content much faster, and it gives me much more control over the creative process. But the most important advantage is that it allows me to reach more people which, for me, is what writing is all about.

If you choose to read one of the free versions of my work, I would really appreciate a quick tweet, blog post, Facebook mention, Amazon review, etc. in return. Thanks!