Adobe Logo in LEGO

I was playing around with the LEGO Digital Designer app the other day, and as a quick, single-evening challenge, I decided to design and build the Adobe logo (I’m an Engineering Manager on Adobe’s Experience Design team). In order to ensure I’d be able to build it with pieces I already had, I used only the most common bricks (1×2, 2×2, 2×3, and 2×4). And, of course, it’s built for maximum rigidity.

Here’s the 3D model:


Here’s here’s how it turned out:


And finally, here’s the parts list:


(Now to build a life-size version using EverBlocks.)

Now if you want a more involved challenge, how about a LEGO monitor stand?

1 thought on “Adobe Logo in LEGO

  1. We should definitely build one of these life-sized Logo’s for Adobe in EverBlock and put in the lobby in San Jose. But heck, while we are at it, lets make it even bigger, say 20ft x 20ft tall – hmm. That might need to go outside on the front lawn!


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